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Walk the walk with Outwoods farm

Decades of experience between the two resident trainers. Both riders have competed at the very top level,  Duncan McFarlane and his wife Helen McNaught. 

Having moved to New Zealand in 2014, they offer a unique opportunity to train both you and your equine partner. You can't buy experience, but you and your horse can benefit from theirs. Having worked and studied with the best, they now offer that knowledge to you.

Whether you are a weekend rider wanting a little help or a professional needing more intense training, they are willing to help if you're willing to learn.

Available for clinics and private lessons at home and around NZ north and south islands.

Based 12kms out of the beautiful Lake Taupo.

5kms from the National Equestrian Centre

Want to become a part of our exciting, fun packed show schedule and training programme?

Where in NZ can you find trainers who are not only riding at the top level, have trained and competed all over the world, and are also available to train you and your horse?

You pay for us, you get us.

Duncan has successfully trained and ridden numerous winning Hunters, trained Equitation horses and riders as well as buying and producing everything from young horses to Olympic horses. He has also qualified for many championships.

Helen whom early in her career made sure she worked for and was trained by the very best horsemen in Europe and America. Helen has trained and competed in Hunters, sold and trained Equitation horses, as well as training, riding and selling young horses and horses of World Cup/Olympic standard


Our experience and training is quite unique. Having trained with the best in Europe, New Zealand and America we are happy to pass on our knowledge to you. Our achievements are legitimate, we don't make false claims. Check us out. Together we will give you an honest, expert assessment of you and your horse so that together we can get you the best results.


 We not only offer you the complete unique package for you and your competition horse, but also any consignment horses you may need to sell. Our records speak for themselves.


Habits are hard to 'unlearn' for you and your horse/pony Let you and your horse learn the right way!   


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