Equine Matrix NZ and Outwoods Farm in conjunction with Bernard Denton, are the official and only suppliers of Equine Matrix (now also known as OM) to New Zealand and Australia.

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Mushroom Matrix products are used and loved by many top riders, owners, vets. Mushroom Matrix strives to provide a supplement that not only works to help support good health and wellbeing but is free from fillers, GMOs, SUGAR, MOLASSES and Artificial ingredients. (Where in the long term other products can do more harm than good.)

Mushroom Matrix wants to help get the best from your horse or dog the natural way and promote a longer healthier life for them.

Welcome to Mushroom Matrix NZ The Certified 100% Organic and Natural Whole Food Supplement for horses and dogs.

Made from the Mycelia Biomass of 10 species of mushroom.

The Mushrooms!!

Mushroom Matrix uses 10 different species of mushroom. Our Organic Mushrooms are grown through a full spectrum lifecycle at our approved GMP Plant in San Marcos, California.

Equine Matrix

Equine Matrix offers a wide range of products to help combat health conditions and behaviour.

There is 10 blends available which have been careful formulated to give the best results. Canine Matrix Canine Matrix offers 5 blends to improve the wellbeing of your best friend. Supplements to help with injury, pain to anxiety. 100% Natural for the all natural solution.



Matrix is the supplement of choice among many of the world's leading competitive riders and trainers who recognize that a healthy, focused horse is the key to success. ECP is formulated to provide superior immune system support to combat stress from frequent travel and competition. A healthy horse is a more focused horse - during training and competition.

Supports balanced behavior, promotes focus and reduces hyperactivity Behavior problem management tool, valuable in re-training Safely helps maintain normal disposition and alertness, does not sedate

Supports gut health - which often contributes to distraction and negative behavior Helps build natural coping ability from external stressors such as: traveling, stall rest/layup, separation, changes in training, etc.

May assist in curbing destructive behaviors such as weaving and stall walking

Assists in promoting normal endocrine function, stress response and hormonal balance Does not mask the true nature of the horse


Give your horse the competitive Edge

Performance Matrix is a unique blend targeted to improve exercise capacity. Optimizing the conditioning of your horse improves training, competition and recovery.

Respiratory efficiency, oxygen delivery and energy produciton are critical for improvements in your equine athlete's fitness level.

Performance Matrix is Organically Certified - with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and othe ressential elements to keep your horse in top health.

Helps support normal cardiac output and circulation Supports normal blood cell health and blood values May help ease aches and discomfort caused by training and competition

Supports recovery to maximize tranining and results Helps reduce oxidative stress Ideal for breeding animals

Muscle Matrix

The professional's choice for safe and natural muscle development. Muscle Matrix's 100% Organic blend contains triterpenes compounds that react at the cellular surface sites within muscle tissue to support muscle development.

Supports elimination of the harmful-bi-products of exercise thereby allowing for more complete recovery.

A horse that recovers faster can train effectively more frequently. Increased training leads to increased strength and increased results! Supports muscle and nervous systems Anti-oxidants support removal of free radicals produced through exercise

Supports normal circulation

Supports normal recover time after strenuous exercise

May help ease aches and discomfort caused by training and competition Supports a healthy immune system


QUICK OVERVIEW Cellular health is vital to the development of strong, healthy tissue. This proprietary blend of medicinal mushrooms contains a matrix of bioactive compounds that synergistacally support healthy bones and surrounding tissue.

Farrier's Matrix also supports healthy immune function, healthy digestive function, healthy cardiovascular function and normal detoxification processes. Contains naturally-occuring biotin and Vitamin D2 - important for calcium metabolism

Provides an array of antioxidants to protect agains free radical damage

Supports healthy cardiovascular health

Supports normal detoxification processes, assits the body in combating environmental pollutants and reduces the negative effects of stress

Supports normal joint & connective tissue

Supports a healthy immune system Also helps animals achieve a soft, silky, shiny and healthy coat


QUICK OVERVIEW Equident Matrix is a potent organic blend specifically designed to naturally provide the horse with proper nutrition to maintain normal gums and promote a natural defense against inflammation.

This formula nutritionally supports normal cellular and immune function and through its complex natural enzyme structure assists the animal in better absorption of bioactive nutrients. Natural chemistry stimulates production of interleukins which promote a healthy oral anti-inflammatory response Decreases painful gum sensitivity Nutritional assists growth of osteoblasts (bone growing cells) while down regulating osteoclasts (cells that degrade bone density)

Helps support a healthy immune system with Anti-oxidants, Polyphenols, L-Ergothioneine, Beta-Glucans and Amino Acids


This powerful formula of 7 medicinal mushroom species is appropriate when immunity needs are at their highest. Contains select medicinal mushroom species such as Agaricus blazei, Turkey Tail, Maitake and Shiitake known for their ability to stimulate and activate the immune system.

Medicinal mushrooms are an excellen source of Beta-Glucans which have shown to have a beneficial stimulating effect on the immune system. Contains a complex matrix of beta glucans, alpha glucans, antioxidants and other active ingredients that support a healthy immune system

Supports respiratory health

Helps reduce the negative effects of stress

Supports normal detoxification processes

Contains antioxidants that have been shown to aid in the elimation of unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals