Equine Matrix NZ are excited to offer our 100% Organic Mushroom Supplements to the New Zealand and Australia.

The supplements are grown, processed and packed in San Marcus, California.

They are certified a 100% Organic Whole Food Supplement for Equines and Canines by The Organic Food Federation.

The Supplements are made from certified 100% organic mushroom mycelial biomass cultured on organic oats.

They contain no Fillers, GMOs, Artificial Ingredients or Synthetics. Guaranteed 100%!

The All Natural Solution from Equine Matrix NZ. M2 Ingredients, California grow 10 different species of mushroom which are then formulated and blended at their own certified GMP plant, to create a supplement for every need.

There are not many other companies that can claim their products don’t leave the site from growing to being packaged and ready to sell.

Matrix GMP Plant Mushroom Matrix products are used and loved by many top riders, owners, vets.

Equine Matrix strives to provide a supplement that not only works to help support good health and wellbeing but is free from fillers, GMOs and Artificial ingredients.

(Where in the long term other products can do more harm than good.)

Equine Matrix wants to help get the best from your horse or dog the natural way and promote a longer healthier life for them.