This wonderful stallion was not only a superb competitor, but a crowd favourite wherever he went. His exuberant style of jumping was just a joy to watch.

This amazing son of Contendro I  was one of the most spectacular jumpers.  Bought from Gilbert Bochman as a 5 coming 6 year old, he was produced by Duncan McFarlane.

Already at 8yrs old he was placed in the Pfizer Million with one rail, the next year placing 2nd. That same year he was leading AMERICAN money winner. He went on to be third with just a time fault in yet another Million $ class.

He won many World Cup qualifiers for his rider as well as winning the Del Mar $100,000 Grand Prix. He competed in the American Olympic Trials picking up a second and third place. 

Scope, Careful, Beautiful Movement, Amazing Character, and Top Brave, everything you could want in a jumper and future Sire.

His daughter Whoop De Doo is already showing her worth and jumping 1.50 grand pries in America under the veteran Gold Medalist Will Simpson. 

Contendro I http:///


In 2013 he was sold to Sayre Coulter, with whom he competed at top level in Florida, before being competed for a short time by Harrie Smoulders before retiring in Sonoma, California.

Son of the famous Contendro I, his dam was by Watzmann.

Contendro I

1997 163 cm Brown

Breeder: Manfred Birchler

His dam Bravo, when covered by Caretino produced the Zangersheide stallion, Caretano, who competed first with Toni Hassman and then with Jos Lansink.

The dam sire, Reichsgraf was a promising Holstein stallion who died after only a couple of seasons. The grand-dam, Ofarim produced two stallion sons, Caballo (by Coriano) who was exported to America, and Conteur (by Contender), a private stallion in Hesse.

Contendro is strongly inbred to the Anglo Arab foundation sire, Ramzes AA through Ramiro with two crosses on his dam line, and then Ramiro again as Contender’s dam sire. There is also a heady dose of Thoroughbred, with Tin Rod xx, Rantzau xx, and two crosses of Ladykiller xx.

Contendro was the winner of the 1999 licensing, and won his performance test at Adelheidsdorf the following year.

His younger brother, Contendro II also won the Holstein licensing and was fourth in his performance test, but a clear winner in the jumping.

In 2004 eleven Contendro I sons were licensed at Verden, Neumünster, Münster-Handorf and Krueth. All told, he now has over 33 licensed stallion sons in the Hanoverian book, including his stand out star, the international showjumper, Codex One.

Codex One (out of a Glückspilz mare) was in the German showjumping team with Christian Ahlman at the London Games, was 12th at the European Championships in Herning, and in 2013 won the Grand Prix at Hamburg. Codex One has won 1,514,155 Euros! Forty two horses have won more than 15,000, and Codex One is not the only one with massive winnings.

Contendro has been an important source of Contender blood in Hanover, and was initially hailed as a dual purpose sire, however Ludwig Christmann was not convinced of his value as a dressage producer, in his review of the top stallions of the year 2006, he notes:

“The son of Contender – Contendro – is one of the most favoured producers, even though he is still quite young. He won his stallion performance test with exceptional performances and stands at stud at the Breeding Farm, Famos. In the performance test Contendro also received high scores in the dressage index. However, in the case of this stallion, the integrated breed value system of the FN and the Hanoverian breed value estimation do not fully agree. The integrated breed value estimation shows 132 dressage points, heavily influenced by a very positive result with 138 in stallion performance test results – which is not surprising since he already has nine approved sons. The Hanoverian breed value estimation on the other hand shows Contendro as an average producer for dressage with 101 points from 30 evaluated descendants. The canter is a highlight, whereas the walk shows weaknesses. Further developments will show which breed value estimation result comes closest to the true breed value. With respect to his breed value for jumping, both estimations are in agreement: FN 146, Hanover 145 – Contendro belongs in the top five percent of the jumper horse producers.”

Contendro headed the Hanoverian jumping stallion standings in the 2014 stallion book, with a ranking of 158 and again in 2015, although his value had dropped to 156. In 2015 his dressage ranking was 98 and his score for type was 110. His Hanoverian jumping ranking of 154 in the 2016 Stallion Book, has him once again at the top of the Hanoverian jumping stallion rankings, notwithstanding his defection to France.

In the 2019 Hanoverisan book, he has 1544 competitors (319 dressage / 1436 jumping / 78 eventing) with6,750,044 in winnings, with 42 showjumpers earning more than 15,000.

He is also the sire of four eventers who have won more than 5000, including German team member, Chipmunk with 85,219

On the 2019 FN values, his young horse score is 145, open jumpers, 128, young horse dressage, 110, open dressage, 118. His Hanoverian dressage value is 93, his jumping value, 154. He scores 106 for type.

At the end of 2013, Contendro was purchased by the GFE group, and moved to France... while his son, Codex One, with Christian Ahlmann in the saddle, continued to keep his name before the jumping – and breeding – public. In May 2013, Codex One (out of a Glückspilz mare) was the winner of the Global Champions tour leg in Hamburg, in 2014 he won both the Grand Prix of Aachen and Valkenswaard, in 2015 he won Stuttgart 5 star, and in 2016 won the five star GP at Basel, and was 1st at Neumünster 3 star. In 2017, seemingly his last year of competition, he won168,150, with the highlights second at Valkenswaard and 5th in the Grand Prix of Berlin.

Codex One winning the Grand Prix of Aachen, 2014

On the 2014 WBFSH rankings, Contendro is in 8th place, with Caballito (Argentinus) his greatest points earner with 845, with Codex One, second, on 680.

In 2015, his WBFSH jumping ranking is 16th with Caballito once again his top points earner. In 2015, Caballito and Andres Rodriguez won two 1.45 classes and a Grand Prix in Wellington. The pair were 59th at the WEG in Caen.

In 2016 on the WBFSH rankings he was 21st on the Jumping rankings (with Codex One by far his most successful competitor) and for the second year in succession, number one on the eventing stallion standings.


On the 2017 WBFSH jumping rankings he was 19th, with his best representative, Conthendrix (out of a Cor de la Bryére mare). Ridden by Andre Thieme, Conthendrix has won 481,051, with two five star GP wins – Saugeties and Lummen.

Number One Eventing Sire:

On the 2017 WBFSH Eventing Sires rankings Contendro is Number 1 for the third year straight.

His most successful competitor was Chipmunk FRH (Heraldik xx) ridden Julia Krajewski.Second to the Oldenburger, Chatwin, out of a three quarter blood mare – by Oldtimer xx out of a Barzoi xx mare, ridden by the American Francis Thierlot. And third to Campino (Pinkus) and Mark Todd.

Campino and Mark Todd

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Breeding pedigree: Watzmann  

 Heinrich Schumac

WatzmannDark chestnut stallion - 1968 - Hann | xx : 0.59%Weingau1954 - Hann | xx : 0.59%Weiler1948 - Hann | xx : 1.18%Feuerland1940 - Hann | xx : 2.35%Auermaid1944 - HannGoldfront1941 - HannGoldfisch II1935 - HannFront1929 - HannFlachinsel1952 - Hann | xx : 0.59%Flachsmann1944 - HannFlügelmann I1929 - HannJägerbraut1935 - HannAlmtaubeAlmtaube H1944 - Hann | xx : 1.18%Almhorn1939 - HannFlutspiel1938 - Hann | xx : 2.35%


1954   Weingau (Hann, bay, stallion by Weiler)

Below you see the Breeding pedigree.   Click here to see the Performance pedigree (5 credit)

The Performance pedigree is the breeding pedigree including all levels and the most important sport results.

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1st dam:
1952    Flachinsel ( Hann, mare by Flachsmann )

  • 1967   Weinschenke (Hann, dark bay, mare by Weingau)

    • 1975   Matrox (Hann, bay, stallion by Matrose)

    • 1977   Mona-lisa I (BWP, bay, mare by Matrose)

    • 1978   Mercedes (BWP, black brown, mare by Matrose)

    • 1979   Marionette (Hann, bay, mare by Matrose)

  • 1968   Watzmann (Hann, dark chestnut, stallion by Weingau)

2nd dam:
1944    Almtaube ( Almtaube H ) ( Hann, mare by Almhorn )

  • -000   Flachsinsel (mare by Flachsmann)

    • 1967   Weinschenke (Hann, dark bay, mare by Weingau)

  • -000   Flachsinsel (Hann, mare by Flachsmann)

    • 1948   Felsenuhr (Hann, mare by Feo)

      • 1963   Dünenbrise (Hann, chestnut, mare by Durban)

      • 1964   Steintaube (Hann, bay, mare by Steinpilz xx)

    • 1952   Flachinsel (Hann, mare by Flachsmann) : see above

    3rd dam:
    1938    Flutspiel ( Hann, mare by Falkenheim )

    • 1944   Almtaube (Almtaube H) (Hann, mare by Almhorn) : see above

      Click here to see the Performance pedigree (5 credit)