They say it takes a village, and that's certainly true in the horse industry.

Helen and Duncan would like to give their heartfelt thanks to all of their sponsors. owners and supporters we couldn't do it without you.

Equine Matrix. Now in our 10th year with this fantastic product. The only supplement we will use. Why? Because it works. Humans, horses and your pets.

McMillan Feeds and Farmlands. We love how our horses look and feel, their energy levels are top, health from the inside out. Our favourite, Rapid Gain, Sport Mix, and Protein Plus.

Equissage. All of our horses actually look forward to their daily or weekly massage. Going way deeper and more effective than the imitations, this is the only one for Outwoods Farm. We are also very grateful to have the 'jockey pad' the human equissage. These wonderful machines get daily use.

KEP Italia, Also 10 years with these super stylish and super safe hats.

PARLANTI, the best boots and chaps on the market for comfort and style.Wear them all day they're so comfortable.

BIG RED STABLE SNACKS, the horses favourite supporter. (and the goats and dogs too)

Jamie Knox, back guy and dentist extraordinaire. The horses love him, 9 years looking after our team now.

Our farrier, Duncan McFarlane, no foot no horse!

Leigh de Clifford, our awesome, up to date, always studying and learning, vet.

We are absolutely delighted to welcome BIG RED'S STABLE SNACKS onboard the Outwoods Farm team. Shirley and Ned are the happiest about this but we share their enthusiasm.  All natural ingredients, the horses simply love them.

If you haven't tried them, do, your horse/pony will thank you.