Mushroom Matrix is the brainchild of health wellness and integrative medicine enthusiast Sandra Carter, M.A., MPH, Ph.D. and mycologist Steve Farrar. Sandra spent over 30 years in the wellness profession as a researcher, and specialist in community, corporate and hospital disease prevention programs. She was introduced to Steve who had spent 30 years growing mushrooms and who had recently developed a unique technology for producing a variety of powerful mushroom strains in an organic, clean room facility. The health benefits of these powerful mushrooms have been reverend in Eastern Cultures for thousands of years, Sandra and Steve saw a great opportunity to increase awareness in Western Cultures about the benefits of mushrooms through the development of an innovative line of whole-food organic mushroom powders that can be easily added into your daily lifestyle. Each of the species used in Mushroom Matrix’s supplements are produced in our Certified 100% Organic San Diego, California facility. They include the full life-cycle of the mushrooms species, capturing nature’s incredible bioactivity in a fascinating growing process. Mushroom Matrix takes pride in introducing their line of nutritious, easy to use innovative products and spread the experience of the benefits of the Mighty, Magnificent Mushroom!