Training Opportunities

Duncan and Helen offer a unique opportunity to all who want to learn more about training not only their horses/ponies but themselves. After years of training and working with top professionals, we at Outwoods are in the position to pass that knowledge to you.

Having ridden so many different types of horses, whatever problems you may be having, we, between us, will more than likely have encountered it too at some stage. That puts us in the position to help. 

Our training gives you the tools to solve whatever problems may arise.

We'll train you to become thinkers.

We'll give you a programme to help you maintain your horses fitness over the season.

We can offer management advice, having managed barns of 30 horses and more at one time or another. From time to time we have vacancies for working pupils, with or without own horse.

Contact us for details


Look no further. First we'll give you an honest assessment of your horse or pony.

Then we'll set about marketing.

We'll help you to sell your horse/pony whilst finding you a new one, should that be the requirement. 

As your agents;

No hidden fees. We work on straight commissions, plus any boarding/show fees should the horse be at the Outwoods facility.

We encourage a thorough vet check on all of the horses we represent. 

We have an incredible track record in sales. Our after sales service is second to none.

Grand Prix horses produced &/or sold by Helen and Duncan

United Kingdom

Insultec Portafino, Michael Whittaker

 High Level, Whitakers
Pershing,  Peter Charles and Lesley McNaught


MasadaUlrika Bidegard

Europe & USA

Poor Boy, Beat Maendli

Blue Eyes, Carl Edwards

Lollipop, Domonique Richter

Barcelona, Mandy Porter and Lesley McNaught

Los del Rio, Uli Kirkoff

What's Up,  Willie Melliger     

Straight Away, Tim Grubb

Calino, Bjorn Nagel

All Saints,(Ultra Song)  

James, McLain Ward


Lucas, Peter Brakewell

Colorado & Amore, Sara Baldwin, Bjorn Ikast

Romantic (eq), Leslie Steele, Killian McGrath

Lassergut Crassus, Bjorn Nagel and Stanny van Paesshern          

Concept, Paul Duffy

Pracht, Marly Goodman   

Moonlight, Lane Clarke




Black Irish




Chiara Van De Broekkant

Mr. Whoopy


Picollino 27

Ordella Royale

Charisma, Barbera Phillips  

Lanniken and Sir Blue Tiffany Sullivan  

Double Trouble Simone Coxe, Shelby Walter



W Natel  

Poldi, Paige Dotson

Profit, Brent Balisky

Maple Sugar, John Pearce, Gabi Sallic   

Rigoletto, Paige Dotson

 Royal Dane, Candy Stewart, Jamie Taylor

 Ansel, Candy Stewart

Mon Ami, Cam & Becky Smith                     

Whiskey Girl, Morgan Caplane, Katherine Civian Comena, Katherine Civian

TRAVEL, Harley Brown     

Urbain de l'eau, Rich Fellows

Condor, Shelby Walters, Hap Hanson  

Nabbuco, Shelby Walters

Urion, Guy Thomas 

Lexicon, Eddie Macken


Caretano, Paige Dotson Gp's to  'everything in the Hunter divisions'

Mr Bubbles:  Ashley Bond, The 'Thomas'"

Shakira, Gord Monroe, Mike Endicott and Jennifer Crooks

Ovivos Oxford,  L J Tidball


The list goes on...................

Our excellent after sales service is one of the perks of buying a horse from Outwoods Farm LTD.